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  Why might someone decide to see a Psychologist?

People decide to see a Psychologist for all kinds of reasons:


Clinical issues

Specific clinical issues: Research shows that psychological therapy is effective in
treating a wide range of clinical problems. These include depression, post natal
depression, adjustment disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, addictions, sexual
difficulties, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.


Interpersonal difficulties

Some people embark on therapy because they are having difficulty in interpersonal
relationships. This can be in their marriage, their relationships with peers, their
work colleagues or even their children. Individual therapy and, where relevant,
couples therapy, can help address these difficulties.


Past traumas

Other people see a psychologist because of specific events in their past, for example,
trauma, bereavement, attachment issues or difficulties within their family of origin.


Confusion over life choices

Many people come to therapy because they’re simply confused regarding various life
choices. They use therapy in order to gain clarity and direction.
  Clearly some of these issues take longer to address than others. Those confused about life choices may just require a few sessions. However, those with longstanding issues will require more extensive therapy before seeing sustainable changes. Most clients should anticipate a minimum of six sessions.
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